James Lance

Creative Director

Face Films is pleased to announce that the man described by Tim Minchin as “So charming you just want to punch him in the face” has joined the company as a creative director.

James is a renowned actor appearing in such TV Series as “Spaced”, “I’m Alan Partridge”, “Teachers” and “Being Human”. As well as notable film roles in “Bel Ami”, “Marie Antoinette”, “Bronson” and the “The King of Soho”, Michael Winterbottom’s take on the notorious life of porn baron Paul Raymond. He is currently in China playing the lead role, along side Dolph Lungdren in the action thriller “Legendary”.

As well starring in both of Face Films feature’s “City Rats” and “January” he has also become a prolific writer, co-scribing “Berserker” with William Borthwick.

From all of the crew at Face Films we welcome James on board and look forward to working with him in the future (though we do hope he gets a hair cut).